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Some body positivity for the end of the week

The other day I stumbled upon an article talking about the newest body trend on instagram. Much to my surprise and delight this trend wasn’t meant for young women to starve themselves to death, but instead promoting some body positivity. The latest thing are apparently so-called “hip dips”, dents between hips and thighbones or in other words: women are allowed to have a body just the way it is. Hooray.

As it is, because mother nature wanted it that way, I am blessed with such hip dips – and I was not happy about it as a young (even younger than now) woman. I compared myself with photoshopped size zero girls in magazines and TV. At some point that was too annoying for me though and I made peace with my body. Funny enough, this happened during my stay in Taiwan. Everyone there looked so different than me that I could only compare myself with my own me, somehow and that wasn’t too bad afterall.

Since this peace with myself is now apparently socially accepted, I decided to share an old journal entry from 2015 to prove that I am an absolute trendsetter about this hip dip thing. My younger me always makes me grin – this article is a very loose translation from the original German text though.

Journal Entry, 29. May 2015

“Since the package from Taiwan arrived surprisingly early I don’t only have weather-appropriate clothes (which is upsetting because I had packed and shipped my winter clothes), but I also have my midi-long, simple, black cotton skirt which I bought at the 師大夜市 – Shida Night Market in English. The skirt is quite elegant in its simplicity, especially paired with high heels, because it flows from my waist down in swinging pleats and hides my hole, which would only be noticed by myself and the critical looks of other women. Still, I cannot deny its existence. I would not label it as problem area though, what is that for a term anyways?! A problem is something which is created through complicated circumstances. It is a difficulty which has to be tackled and solved. If I would label the hole between my hips and my thighbone as a problem it would be neither fair for myself nor for the hole itself which surely means no harm to me. Besides, it is not at all an indicator for anything unpleasant – the opposite is true. The sportier and slimmer my body is the more obvious becomes the dent, I then proudly present two curvey parts of my body. Since my puberty I wander and travel through the world with it, it belongs to my body like my nose, my big toes and all the other pretty parts. It would surely be possible with the right tools to scratch something off here and fill something in there – but why? That would be a solution for a problem which only became a problem in the first place, because the solution – beauty operations and a you-can-look-just-like-a-picture-if-you-buy-our-products-industry- makes such a good business. I wouldn’t speak of some particular appreciation or love towards this feature of human imperfection, but most days it doesn’t bother me. And if it does I still got skirts like this one to cover it up secretly enough that I easily forget its existence.”

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