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The diversity of Ukraine: a visit to Kyiv

Before I travelled to Kyiv, I did not think much about the city. Not that I had planned for that (not) to happen or had been ignorant – the busy weeks (months? year?) before my trip simply left no room for planning. Already during the first hour (after 19 hours in the train), however, as…

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A beautiful memory: The best souvenirs from Krakow

It is always nice to take a few pretty memory pieces home from vacation, but let’s be honest – at some point you have more shot glasses than event to drink, your shelfs are overflowing with frippery and you were anyways never really into fridge magnets. Especially during short tourist trips it can be difficult…

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Balkan Summer Holiday – Montenegro

I travelled a lot this year already, especially across the Balkans. Every country there has plentiful things to discover, but assuming that you’d have to choose one country for your summer vacation – where do I send you? Croatia is loved since years for summer camping by marvellous beaches and outdoor activities and more and…

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One Day in Marseille

It is the height of summer and I live where others spend their vacation: in Marseille, capital of the French region PACA ((Provence- Côte d’Azur-Alpes). In the city where people don’t order, in a noble manner, “pain” (bread), but rather ask for “peng” in the bakery while nurturing a passionate dislike for poshy Paris, I…

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Balkan City Trip: Tetovo in Macedonia

On the Balkans there are much more cities worth visiting than just the capitals (even though there are many intriguing capitals to see). A couple of weeks ago my Mum came to visit me in Macedonia. To show her not only the capital with its undoubtedly picturesque, yet fake and politically corrupted city center, I was…

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