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Commentary: “Feminist Foreign Policy: A Way Forward in a Crisis- and Conflict-Ridden Environment”

I was invited by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation to contribute to their dossier on Feminist Foreign Policy in the South Caucasus in cooperation with their Tbilisi Office.

My article can be found HERE.


This article argues that the notion of gender equality is crucial to creating peace and triggering transformation in political stalemates (and violent conflict). Feminist foreign policy is often said to be unfit in providing answers to the manifold crises – bilateral or global – of today. This article strongly objects to that idea and instead makes the opposite argument: that feminist foreign policy is the only way forward exactly because it is founded in the idea of gender equality. The article discusses under what circumstances feminist foreign policy can be a practical and realistic model to provide solutions to conflict-ridden states, in a way that wishes to inspire readers to delve into more context-specific reading in the future.

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