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Menstruating comfortably and more sustainably: a review of period underwear

Three periods ago I changed some menstrual habits. One of those changes was an (if not complete) switch to period underwear in place of pads. Together with menstruation cups (a cup placed inside the vagina similar to a tampon to collect the blood) menstruation underwear are the most common sustainable alternatives to one-use pads or…

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The personal (knitting) is political

When I started knitting a year ago, little did I know just how political that would be. Here I was, just looking for a nice, quiet hobby for after all my mind-wrecking thinking about the state of the world. I was wrong (and frankly, I should have known better, because, uh, everything is about politics)….

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Europe, the World and me

Initially, I had the intention to write a follow up to a 3-year-old text called “Europe and me”. This new text would have been written under the title “Europe and me II”, because I felt it was time to do so. Three sentences in, I realized though that this short story will not only be…

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