Hi everyone! I’m glad you found your way to my blog.

My name is Marie Jelenka Kirchner and I am a German PhD student at the University of Graz and a Feminist Europeanist. In 2019 I finished my MA in Central and Eastern European studies at the Jagiellonian University Krakow and have since been working as Think Tanker on European integration, EU Foreign Policy and the enlargement of the EU to the Western Balkans. I am also a member of the International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom and work on ideas of (EU) Feminist Foreign Policy.

I have much reading and writing to do in those fields. Some of my thoughts I share on this platform.

Even more, however, I write about my life abroad and my travels. While doing this, I try to shed light on social and cultural aspects of the respective host country instead of simply sharing my favourite coffee shops and tourist events. I try to be a conscious and mindful traveller and wish to share this with you. You tell me how well I do.

In late 2020 I moved to Austria mid-pandemic and I am planning to spend some years to come in the pretty city of Graz. Let’s see if there’ll be something to put up on the blog.

Lately, I have also begun to write more about the sustainable life choices I take, maybe to fill the gap now that I don’t blog much about my life experiences abroad? A big part of my more sustainable approach to life is connected to crafts such as sewing and knitting, much of which you can find on my instagram account.

I hope you find interest in my experience and maybe you even learn something. Thank you for your time!